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Paul Gerrard and Neil Thompson, Artech House, ISBN: 1580533140; 1st edition (August 2002)
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Risk Based E-Business Testing is a hands-on guide for business, project and test managers and test practitioners presents an effective approach for using risk to construct test strategies for e-business systems. Using an easily-learned risk-analysis technique, it teaches you how to use risk to select and prioritize test methods for e-business projects. This innovative resource shows you how to select test techniques to address business risks and integrate them into a coherent test process.

The book presents twenty-four test techniques that address failure modes found in web applications. Grouped into seven categories, they are organized to make test strategy development easy. Each chapter has a comprehensive list of references to papers, books and web resources. The book provides you with guidelines for post-deployment monitoring of availability, performance, security and site integrity. It includes an overview of eight most important tool types with guidelines for selection and implementation. What’s more, you get discussions and recommendations on freeware, shareware and propriety tools.

The book is rounded off with guidelines to making E-Business testing happen. Based on best practices, experience in real projects and ample pragmatism, these guidelines set out the major challenges to test managers wishing to implement agile approaches to test strategy. Appendices present a simple Master Test Planning Process manual and an example risk analysis.

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